Pinnacle Place Land SOLD

Gerald Teunissen represented Craig Lawrence as he sold the Pinnacle Place Land on 6225 S Pinnacle Place in Sioux Falls, SD. The land is zoned C2 and was sold to LLAP, LLC, which was represented by Reggie Kuipers. The land is 49,648 SF.

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Questions to Ask When Leasing Retail Space

Here are some important questions that you should be asking when leasing a retail space: Who will be responsible for upkeep maintenance and repairs? Make sure that when you ask this question, that the owner or landlord specifies what you will be paying for as well as what the average cost per month would be. Are there addition fees or expenses associated? What are you responsible for? Do you have to manage the inside of the property, outside of the property, or both? Sometimes utilities will be part of what you are already paying but sometimes they wont. You could be responsible for a percentage or based on the square footage of the building. What utilites am I responsible for? [...]

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Simple Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Are you thinking about investing in real estate? Well there are many different options that you could be looking into. Investopedia put together an article discussing some of the different ways that you could be investing your money. Below are some of the examples from the article: Basic Rental Properties:  This is when a person buys a property and rents it out to a tenant. The landlord is responsible for the mortgage, taxes, and costs. The tenant will then pay the rent that the landlord charges. The landlord typically will charge enough rent to cover all of the costs that he is responsible for. Sometimes, the landlord will even charge more, to recieve a monthly profit. There are, however, downsides [...]

Sioux Falls Ranked One of Hardest Working Cities

Everyone that works in Sioux Falls would agree, the people of Sioux Falls are hard workers! Well, that holds true to Wallet Hub as well. Sioux Falls has been ranked one of the Top Hardest Working Cities in the United States.     The rankings are as follows: 1. Anchorage, AK 2. Virginia Beach, VA 3. Plano, TX 4. Sioux Falls, SD 5. Irving, TX 6. Scottsdale, AZ 7. San Francisco, CA 8. Cheyenne, WY 9. Washington D.C. 10. Charlotte, NC Sioux Falls was ranked high at number four with a total score of 78.06. We fell 11th in Direct Work Factors Rank and 3rd in Indirect Work Factors Rank. To read more about this article and to see the [...]

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The ABC’s of Real Estate

Commercial real etsate is a very complicated business. There is always a lot of information to know as well as information to keep learning. Brokers are continuously educating themselves to better help their clients achieve their goals. First thing to know is that office buildings have a rating system. Class A Building: A Class A office space means that the building is less than seven years old, or that it has been updated in the last seven years. Many times the building will have a cafeteria Class B Building:  A Class B office space might be brand new, and only a couple stories high. It could also be a Class A Building that has not been updated. Class C Building: [...]

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Why to Hire A Commercial Real Estate Professional

When you are thinking about selling or buying a commercial real estate property, your next step should be to hire  commercial real estate professional. First, for obvious reasons such as their knowledge in the market, their ability to negotiate for you, as well as their assistance in what you should be looking for. But there are also many overlooked reasons why you should definitely hire a commercial real estate professional. 1. The Value of Their Network.  They will be able to help you find a contractor for tenant improvement, as well as walk you through all the city requirements that you might be unaware of. They are also likely to fin a lender that can get you a loan to [...]

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