Bender Commercial Finds Buyer for 66,000 sq. ft. Bakery Building

Last year, the smell of freshly baked bread filled the air for the final time on Sioux Falls’ east side.

In July 2017, Bimbo Bakeries USA announced they would be closing their 66,691 sq. ft. bakery facility. This notice marked the end of the storied property’s sixty-six year run as a commercial bakery in Sioux Falls.

“The Bimbo Bakery property has had a long run of continuous operation in Sioux Falls,” said Bender Commercial Principle, Doug Brockhouse, “When the property hit the market Bradyn and I were excited to find a tenant that could utilize this unique facility as the investor figures out exactly what they want to do with it.”

Brockhouse and co-broker, Bradyn Neises, closed the sale earlier this month with a property investment group. The building will be occupied by Nordica Warehouses, Inc. on a short-term lease until their new 200,000 sq. ft. facility is finished in Foundation Park.

“Being able to find someone who can continue to use a property with so much history in the City of Sioux Falls is a big win for both the buyer and the seller in this deal,” said Neises.

Though the days of baked bread at 221 North Chapel Hill Road have come to a close, the former bakery will continue to see activity for what could be another sixty-six years.

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