Brockhouse, Neises Help Longstanding Sioux Falls Business Stay Put

Being in business for nearly seventy years is an impressive feat. What’s more impressive is how Sencore, an electronics component manufacturing company, has been able to stay in business in an industry that’s seen incredible change over that time.

Founded in 1951, Sencore stands as one of the longest running Sioux Falls-based companies thanks to its ability to pivot its business to stay on top of the ever-changing technology in the signal transmission industry. Now, Sencore is pivoting again by downsizing its company’s real estate.

“For a technology company like Sencore, it needs to be in your DNA,” said Sencore’s Vice President of Operations, Dana Nachreiner, when asked about Sencore’s company history. “Technology changes are inevitable. They present opportunities for new products within a product line and adding totally new product categories.”

The downsize has been driven by a merger with Chinese company, WellAV. As a result of the merger, Sencore has been able to emphasize plans related to synergy instead of continuing to focus on the electronics manufacturing the company has historically been centered on.

“We no longer needed to be in a 92,000 square foot facility that was at least two-thirds manufacturing,” said Nachreiner. Sencore needed a facility closer to 30,000-35,000 square feet that was a majority office space.

Enter: Bender Commercial’s Doug Brockhouse and Bradyn Neises.

With a long history of working with industrial clients like Sencore, Brockhouse and Neises began the process of finding a unique user for the Sencore space. Brockhouse’s engineering background was particularly helpful.

“When you work on a deal for so long it’s really rewarding when a solution comes up that checks more boxes than you were initially looking to check,” said Neises.

“I’ve been aware of Sencore as a force in the Sioux Falls business community for a long time,” said Brockhouse. “I remember the multimeters they made for the old Cadillacs, and how they transitioned from servicing tube TVs and radios to making their own circuit boards.”

Nachreiner noticed the attention to detail. “We had a number of agencies present proposals to Sencore for representing our property for sale. From the start, they seemed to understand our property well,” he said.

In what ended up being over a yearlong partnership, Brockhouse and Neises found a solution that worked better than either party expected: an investment buyer that allowed Sencore to sign a long-term lease for the space they needed within the building the company has occupied for over forty years.

“When you work on a deal for so long it’s really rewarding when a solution comes up that checks more boxes than you were initially looking to check,” said Neises.

Sencore cleared the warehouse space and officially moved into their new office space this spring.

“Doug and Bradyn communicated well, educated us when needed, and provided perspective and data allowing us to make our own decisions along the selling process,” Nachreiner concluded. “Easy to work with and produced results.”

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