The Transformation of the Call Center

In a city where call centers once thrived, many of the large open-space office buildings in Sioux Falls are now vacant with the rise of remote work across the industry. The bustling call centers that were once filled with the constant chatter of customer service calls have been left empty, their future uncertain. However, with the expertise of Bender Commercial real estate brokers, Isaac Jorgensen, and Reggie Kuipers, one of these call center buildings has recently found a new owner – a local church.

The previous owners had the building as an investment while Five Star Call Centers operated in the building as a tenant. Because of past relationships and reputational status, they hired Bender Commercial to help find unique buyers who could see the potential in the building. Isaac and Reggie took on the challenge with enthusiasm, knowing it would take some creativity to share the vision of what this building could be transformed into. They understood that the facility had a lot of potential, but it would take the right person to see it.

Through their efforts, they were able to attract the attention of quite a few interested potential buyers ranging from gyms to salons to investors looking to divide it into a multi-tenant building. The owner was thrilled with the professionalism Isaac and Reggie offered from start to finish stating “Through the whole process Isaac and Reggie took the time to answer questions and work up a plan to advise us on some of our options and made recommendations and worked together for solutions. That’s how we ended up with the sale of the building.” The deal closed with the final buyer being a local church, who will use the property as the campus for their growing congregation. While this may seem like a rather unexpected buyer, it’s exactly the type of organization Isaac and Reggie had at their top target list.

The success of this transaction stands as evidence of the resilience and adaptability of our community in changing times and as a testament to the incredible service provided by our talented team of advisors.