High Tone Hearing, LLC: A Vision for Better Hearing in Sioux Falls

In the heart of Sioux Falls, two remarkable individuals, Dr. Lori Miller and Dr. Sarah Johnson, are embarking on a journey to transform lives through better hearing. Their passion and dedication to the field of audiology have led to the establishment of High Tone Hearing, LLC, a modern full-service audiology clinic committed to providing exceptional hearing healthcare to all.

Lori, a native of Sioux Falls, graduated from Lincoln High School before venturing to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln to commence her educational journey. Initially considering a path in speech pathology, Lori found her true calling in audiology, being drawn to the science-based aspects that underpin the profession. She pursued her master’s degree in audiology at UNL and eventually achieved her Doctor of Audiology degree from A.T. Still University in Arizona in 2010. Lori’s motivation lies in offering healthcare services to enhance the lives of individuals through improved hearing opportunities.

On the other hand, Sarah, hailing from Pierre, South Dakota, graduated from T.F. Riggs High School and began her undergraduate studies at the University of New Mexico. Like Lori, Sarah initially intended to pursue speech pathology but discovered her passion for audiology during her first audiology class, particularly fascinated by the intricacies of the ear and hearing. After completing her undergraduate degree, she went on to earn her Doctor of Audiology degree at the University of South Dakota. Sarah’s goal is to help patients communicate better in their daily lives and regain a higher quality of life through the audiological services she provides.

High Tone Hearing, LLC aims to serve a diverse audience, catering to individuals of all ages and varying hearing needs. Their diagnostic services, hearing aids, and custom hearing protection are tailored to address a wide spectrum of auditory concerns. Recognizing the growing community of Sioux Falls and its expanding reach into surrounding areas like Brandon and Harrisburg, the clinic addresses specific diagnostic needs not currently met in the region. This includes auditory processing evaluations and treatment as well as educational audiology services.

The journey to establishing High Tone Hearing, LLC came with its set of challenges, particularly regarding finding the perfect location. Recognizing their expertise in audiology but not in real estate, they sought the assistance of a professional broker. It was a natural choice to turn to Reggie Kuipers at Bender Commercial, given their existing relationship and trust in his expertise.

The duo was on the lookout for a location that aligned with their vision, focusing on the burgeoning east side of Sioux Falls. They sought a space that offered ease of access for patients, high visibility, and proximity to other medical entities. Bender Commercial played an instrumental role in guiding them through the process, serving as a vital link between the audiology experts and the contractor/buyer. “Reggie and his team provided invaluable insights and resources, alleviating stress and ensuring a smooth transition into this new venture for us!” said Dr. Miller.

The clinic, located at 4904 E. Rosa Parks Place, Sioux Falls, SD 57110, is ready to serve Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas. High Tone Hearing, LLC is welcoming new patients with open arms and invites anyone seeking better hearing and audiological assistance to reach out. They can be contacted via phone at 605-274-8663, email at hello@hightonehearing.com, or through their website at www.hightonehearing.com. Additionally, they are active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Walk-ins are also welcome.