Gustafson Makes “Top 100 CRE People to Follow on Twitter” List

Yesterday, Bender partner, Nick Gustafson was included on Duke Long’s annual list, “2019 Top 100 Commercial Real Estate People You Must Follow On Twitter.”

Duke Long is a commercial real estate veteran with well over twenty years of experience and a popular voice in the CRE industry, especially in how CRE and technology intersect. Long’s podcast, blog and social media presence have firmly established him as a leading, if provocative commercial real estate thought leader for many years.

“I was surprised to find my name on the list,” said Gustafson. “I’ve been following Long for a long time so it feels good to be included in a list that features a lot of the people I admire and I see in my feed every day.”

When asked why he felt he was included on the list Gustafson explained his perception of the medium.

“Commercial real estate is often times an established professional’s game—brokers who are in their late forties, fifties, or sixties,” he said. “That’s not the core audience of social media, especially Twitter. As millennials move into decision-making roles in brokerage and client firms, you’ll see much higher engagement with social media in the commercial real estate world.”

Gustafson has been selling commercial and investment real estate for over 15 years and has been actively tweeting since 2011.

For his takes on commercial real estate, stocks, and wine, follow Gustafson on Twitter at @gustafsonnick.