Teunissen Helps Equipment Company Double Square Footage

The highly visible former Kmart property now has a new owner: Stan Houston Equipment Co.

After Kmart closed in the spring of 2017 the building was without a user until the company decided to sell its former locations earlier this year.

Seeing the opportunity, Bender Commercial Real Estate Services’ Gerald Teunissen worked with Stan Houston to make the move a reality.

Stan Houston Building Signage

Stan Houston Equipment’s main entrance at their current location

“The two reasons this really benefits Stan Houston Equipment is the 75,000 square foot facility will more than double their existing space and the 12th Street location is more visible than their current location a few blocks away,” said Teunissen.

Their current location is a few blocks west at 501 S Marion Road.

Teunissen added, “With a large storefront and a parking lot of construction equipment, this location will bring a positive impact to their business.”

Stan Houston Equipment offers construction equipment, woodworking tools, and lift equipment for purchase and rental as well as product lines in safety, concrete, and power tools.

“It’s always a big win when your client is able to find a space to grow and expand. I’m excited to see how Stan utilizes the building and parking lot space when they make the move next spring,” concluded Teunissen.

If you’re looking for more information about how Bender Commercial Real Estate can help you find the right property or tenant, contact Gerald Teunissen.