Reviving Oxbow Village: The Smoked Culture

The Smoked Culture’s new BBQ restaurant has experienced a surge in popularity, bringing renewed life to the former BB’s Pub N Grill space at 49th Street and Westport Avenue.

Quickly becoming a go-to destination since its grand opening, the restaurant has found itself running out of food due to the overwhelming number of patrons flocking to savor their smoked delights.

Thrilled with the response, the owners of Smoked Culture, Ryan and Jess Gaede, expressed their enthusiasm for the new location and its impact on the area. “We are ecstatic by the incredible response from the Sioux Falls community,” Jess stated. “Our goal was to bring a unique dining experience to this wonderful neighborhood, and we are grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received.”

Beyond their culinary triumphs, The Smoked Culture is also playing a significant role in the economic revitalization of Oxbow Village. The restaurant’s success has brought an influx of foot traffic to the area, benefiting neighboring businesses. There are currently three vacant suites available for lease (Suite 106, Suite 112, Suite 204) within the same complex, which presents a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to join the revival sweeping through Oxbow Village. Contact Bender Commercial Principals Rob Kurtenbach or Alex Soundy for more information. “We’re excited about the new opportunity this space brings and are on the lookout for visionary tenants ready to join the action.” said Kurtenbach.

As the success of The Smoked Culture continues to grow, Ryan and Jess are excited about the future and have plans to expand the restaurant’s offerings and services. As the restaurant continues to thrive and the local community flourishes, there’s no doubt that this hotspot will continue to be a source of culinary delight for years to come. The Smoked Culture is open Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00am-7:00pm (or sell out).