Bender Commercial Brokers Multi-Million Dollar Deal for Omaha-Based Client

Bellino Enterprises is no stranger to the world of commercial real estate, boasting ownership and operation of more than 500 multi-family units in the Omaha, Nebraska market. The company also manages and leases an additional 15,000 square feet of retail space. Their reputation and experience make them a major player in the local real estate scene.

The relationship between Bellino Enterprises and Bender Commercial Principal Alex Soundy dates back to 2020 when they joined forces to identify potential multi-family assets for acquisition. Operating from Omaha, Nebraska, while targeting South Dakota transactions presented logistical challenges for the company. That’s where Soundy played a key role as the boots on the ground, consistently presenting both on-market and off-market opportunities to Bellino Enterprises.

Their latest acquisition of “The Marketplace” in Watertown, South Dakota, is particularly noteworthy, as it was an off-market deal that involved the assumption of existing debt. This strategic financial maneuver allowed Bellino Enterprises to secure a more attractive interest rate compared to the current interest rate environment. Soundy, with his extensive industry connections, ensured a smooth transition with the existing lender, making this transaction a success for all parties involved.

Bellino is thrilled with the partnership. He says, “Alex has been our guiding light in navigating the dynamic real estate market over the past few years. He’s consistently brought us deals that not only make financial sense but also align with our long-term growth strategy. Our last two transactions have been particularly beneficial, thanks to the opportunity to assume existing mortgages, giving us a competitive edge in today’s market.”

Soundy’s strategic approach to deal-making and his ability to foster strong relationships with property owners have proven to be a winning combination. He remains committed to making transactions mutually beneficial for both buyers and sellers. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor to help with your next commercial real estate transaction, give us a call. We’d love to chat.