Neises Officiates South Dakota State Wrestling Tournament

Bradyn Neises – a wrestling fan since day one. Neises grew up in a wrestling community, leading him to take part in the sport at age five. In high school, he wrestled for the Howard Tigers and was a 3x state finalist and 1x state champion. After high school, Neises was fortunate to be able to continue his career at Augustana University where he wrestled as a Viking for five years. Augustana’s programs; athletically and academically, were big reasons why he made the decision to attend. Neises has always enjoyed the Sioux Falls community and was excited to move here after high school.

Ever since Neises was young, his dad officiated wrestling duals and tournaments, as well as multiple state championships. His dad is considered to be one of the top officials of his time. Neises knew that when his competing days were over, he wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps and start officiating.

“Wrestling has provided me with countless opportunities for personal development and has produced several great relationships with great people. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to give back to the sport that has done so much for me and help provide the same opportunities that I was afforded,” said Neises.

His overall favorite aspect of the sport is the wrestling community. There is a level of respect for everyone involved (athletes, coaches, workers, fans, and officials) and out of that develops some great friendships. The state tournament is a fine example of a large group of people coming together to celebrate and appreciate the hard work of all the athletes and coaches.

Neises spent three days officiating the state tournament, leading him to be chosen head official for the State A Dual Championship finals.