From Air Balloon Rides to Coworkers

Building connections is what we do here at Bender Commercial. According to Alex Soundy and Gerald Teunissen they had quite the connection in 1994. Little did they know, they would be reconnecting someday.

Gerald start flying hot air balloons in 1990. From time to time, he would inflate the hot air balloon on the grounds of local church, that was located down the street from his house. One day, he decided to give the neighbor kids a tethered ride in the hot air balloon, which included Alex. Gerald and Alex were neighbors for a couple years.

The two of them reconnected when Alex joined the Bender Commercial team in 2019. Gerald and Alex recently sold Timberline Apartments together on May 28th, 2021. This was a special experience for them.  “It was a great time working with Gerald. He is a veteran in the industry, and really gets it. I will definitely work with him again,” said Alex.

After reviewing the sale of Timberline Apartments, Alex and Gerald both agreed that “there is a ton of activity with investment property. There are plenty of people looking to sell with the looming proposed tax changes, but on the other side there are plenty of people willing to capitalize on low interest rates and invest in property in Sioux Falls.” They personally believe that Sioux Falls is one of the best cities to be in when it comes to commercial real estate.