Questions to Ask When Leasing Retail Space

Here are some important questions that you should be asking when leasing a retail space:

Who will be responsible for upkeep maintenance and repairs?
Make sure that when you ask this question, that the owner or landlord specifies what you will be paying for as well as what the average cost per month would be.

Are there addition fees or expenses associated?
What are you responsible for? Do you have to manage the inside of the property, outside of the property, or both? Sometimes utilities will be part of what you are already paying but sometimes they wont. You could be responsible for a percentage or based on the square footage of the building.

What utilites am I responsible for?
Are water and sewage included? What about gas, electric, and trash removal?

How is utility usage assessed/defined?
Knowing the creditworthiness of your landlord is very important.

What is the financial standing of the owner or landlord?
You need to be sure that the lease you are signing isnt in any financial hardship. Do some research about the lanlord and make sure that they are not in trouble financially.

When it comes to leasing out a retail space, there are also many other questions that you should be asking, so make sure that you work with a real estate professional and make sure that you are knowledgable and know what to ask of your landlord.