Soundy Graduates Leadership Sioux Falls

Bender Commercial Real Estate Services would like to congratulate Alex Soundy as a Leadership Sioux Falls graduate (Class of 36). Soundy joins the ranks as an alumni member with a few other Bender brokers, Michael Bender (Class of 8), Reggie Kuipers (Class of 26), and Bradyn Neises (Class of 34).

According to Leadership Sioux Falls, the program is built around providing educational experiences, and the process focuses on helping participants identify ways they can serve and engage in active citizenship that aligns with their strengths and talents.

Alex is personable, diligent, and hardworking; all qualities that make him a remarkable leader. Alex has devoted the last eight months to learning more about our community and how he can help shape it for the future.

With all the varied sectors of the program, every day was truly different for Leadership Sioux Falls. The sessions included: Personal Leadership, Get to Know Leadership Sioux Falls, Get to Know Sioux Falls, Education & Government, Public Safety, Sioux Falls Day in Pierre, Business & Industry, and their Service Project. In these sessions, Alex learned more about the Chamber, the City of Sioux Falls, the legislative process, the giving of our community, how the school and healthcare systems handled COVID-19, how to get involved in our community, and so much more.

“Being a part of this program provided me with extensive networking and community exposure. I was able to connect with people I normally wouldn’t have crossed paths with. My classmates ranged from those in business, healthcare, education, non-profit, and much more. It was interesting to be able to hear other points of view that you grow to appreciate,” Soundy remarked.

Prior to graduation, Leadership Sioux Falls held a service project. The Class of 36 made the initiative to aim towards making soccer more accessible to children through hosting registration events for the Riverside Soccer League. Their goal was to boost registration for the league which provides access to children in the city who might not have the opportunity to participate in soccer through bringing it to the neighborhoods near them. The Riverside League had been started the year prior and took place at Laura B Anderson Elementary School. The Class of 36 helped to expand the program to three other elementary schools, Cleveland, Garfield, and Terry Redlin. Their hope was to raise awareness and encourage children to enroll. Children can participate in this program within their local community and where they attend school.

“It’s crazy how fast it goes. Giving up a full day from your busy schedule is never easy, but it was well worth it. I would encourage anyone to apply for the Leadership Sioux Falls program and grow your network so that you can use it as a resource. Overall, I’m grateful that my classmates and I were given the opportunity to grow and develop as leaders together. Since graduation, we have been staying in touch, and plan on meeting once a month to catch up, grow together, and challenge one another. Leadership Sioux Falls was an amazing experience, and I’m delighted to have this network as a resource moving forward. From this program, I’m looking to better myself, my family, my profession, and my city,” Soundy noted.