Bender Team Members Went Big in Dallas

Reggie Kuipers, SIOR, Rob Fagnan, SIOR, Michael Bender, CCIM, SIOR, Andi Anderson, SIOR, Rob Kurtenbach, and Alex Soundy attended the 2022 SIOR national conference in Dallas, Texas. This was the 3rd largest event in SIOR history. They promised bigger and better, and according to the six brokers that went, they delivered that expectation.

“The general tone of the conference was more upbeat than expected.  The industrial market is still on fire across the country. The office sector will be slower in 2023 across the country, but the demand for Class A space in Sioux Falls remains robust.  Brokers in other markets and industry experts look at you with a blank stare when you tell them we have $500 million going into two new office towers going up in Sioux Falls!  There is no other market in the country that I’d rather be in than Sioux Falls to ride out the next one to two years of choppy waters,” mentioned Kuipers.

“Aside from a fun-filled conference there was a lot of quality information relating to how deals are being underwritten in this growing interest rate environment. Along with how occupiers are strategically positioning themselves in the months and years ahead,” said Fagnan.

“As always, the SIOR national conference is a power packed two days loaded with excellent national speakers as well as industry insight on the state of commercial real estate (CRE) and the economy. This year in Dallas did not disappoint,” Bender expressed. He was especially excited to hear from his boyhood hero while growing up in Dallas at the opening session, Roger Staubach of the Dallas Cowboys.

According to Alex Soundy, “It’s always great to go and network with other commercial real estate professionals across the country and hear what they are seeing in their market. Talking with other brokers that were uneasy about the future of activity in their market was interesting. It was a reminder that Sioux Falls is a special market as business owners and investors are still bullish on Sioux Falls and continue to invest in the commercial real estate market here.”

The Bender team is eager to apply what they learned at the conference, and to attend more SIOR conferences.