Rob Kurtenbach

Land/Investment/Office Specialist

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Cell: (605) 940-0559
Office: (605) 782-1674

Rob’s strategic acumen and comprehensive understanding of real estate intricacies allow him to offer clients the kind of service they expect from a commercial real estate broker.

Rob Kurtenbach is a commercial real estate broker at Bender Commercial. Raised on the family farm, Rob’s roots instilled in him a strong work ethic and an innate understanding of the value of commitment.

After high school Rob moved to Sioux Falls, where he pursued higher education while immersing himself in the world of banking. Balancing studies and a banking career, he gained a holistic perspective on business and finance. It was during his time in college that Rob’s curiosity was piqued by real estate. A single class ignited a passion that would shape his professional journey in the years to come.

Upon venturing into the realm of real estate, Rob embarked on a path of continuous learning, honing his expertise while assisting clients in navigating the intricate landscapes of residential homes, commercial properties, and investment opportunities.

After six fruitful years in the real estate domain, Rob chose to explore a different path. He took on the role of executive director at a local church, where he orchestrated multifaceted operations, guided expansions, and oversaw the growth of additional campuses. While this role incorporated real estate aspects, Rob’s fervor for brokering beckoned him once more.

In 2018, he rejoined the world of real estate, becoming a valued member of the Bender Commercial team. Armed with a wealth of experience and an in-depth understanding of business dynamics, Rob artfully merges his roles as a seasoned business executive and a skilled real estate professional. His holistic perspective, honed by both his commercial brokerage experience and his time in executive leadership, positions him as a true advocate for his clients.

Fun Facts

Amidst his professional achievements, Rob is married to his wife Rachel with whom they have three boys, Trey, Liam, and Crew. They live on an acreage south of Sioux Falls.

  • I used to have long hair and was a Tour Director/Manager traveling across the greater Midwest with various bands. All pictures have been destroyed so don’t ask 🙂

Community Involvement

  • Youth Basketball Coach
  • Volunteer at Central Church
  • Board Member – Southeast Technical College Foundation
  • Greater Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce Community Appeals Campaigner