Tibbetts Closes First Transaction

Bobbie Tibbetts and Reggie Kuipers represented the sellers in the sale of 3801 S Elmwood Avenue. This property is an 8,560 SF office/medical building located near 49th Street and Kiwanis Avenue in southwest Sioux Falls.

Tibbetts had the biggest smile on her face as she walked out of the office to head to her very first closing. It was obvious that she was delighted to be able to represent the seller in the disposition.

“The whole process from earning the listing to closing the deal was so rewarding. I learned the true definition of market availability meets need, where both the seller and the buyer felt good about the transaction. This particular building offered a great location and a unique floor plan with specific offerings, and the timing aligned nicely with the buyer’s needs. Through this process I was able to appreciate firsthand the importance of real estate in driving economic activity of our community. It is incredibly fulfilling to successfully connect a property with a prospective business, allowing that business to realize its ambitions, aspirations, and dreams. Additionally, I was able to walk alongside Reggie Kuipers, where I encountered learning opportunities every step of the way. Reggie believes in putting people first and the importance of structuring deals that make the best and most sense for each party involved. I had many moments along the way where I was filled with pride in the decision of not only choosing real estate as my professional focus but blessed in the decision in choosing Bender Commercial. So many incredible things are happening in our region and real estate is at the center of it all. I’m so excited for what the future holds,” Tibbetts remarked.

The Bender team is just as excited to see what the future holds for her.