Shape Places Zoning Ordinance Adopted

Friday, April 25 2014

Shape Places Zoning Ordinance Adopted

On April 8, 2014, the Shape Places Zoning Ordinance was endorsed by the voters of Sioux Falls with 65 percent support.  The ordinance went into effect on Wednesday, April 16.

The previous zoning ordinance was first adopted in 1983.  This ordinance allowed more types of non-residential uses within a residential district with the grant of conditional use permits.  The Shape Places Ordinance will require a buffer between commercial and residential districts.  According to the city of Sioux Falls, Shape Places defines and develops land or “places”.  The ordinance takes into consideration that zoning matters and gives property owners more rights and more options.

Under Shape Places, any property owners that plan to add on, remodel or build new construction may face new rules and requirements.  The Ordinance sets specific uses for different zones, such as residential or industrial, and does away with many conditional uses that may have allowed deviation from previous zoning rules.

The Shape Places Ordinance is based on input from a survey of 1,500 citizens followed by approximately 60 public meetings over a three-year period.  Each zoning district has forms that equally control prototype site layouts, number of dwelling units, building sizes, parking, signage, transitions standards, and buffer yard requirements for a site’s design.   

As the vice-chair of the Planning Commission, Andi Anderson has attended many informational meetings explaining the new rules and requirements under the Shape Places Zoning.  If you are a current property owner or thinking about new construction and have any questions, she can help you understand these regulations.  Please contact Andi at (605) 782-1660 or with any questions or concerns.

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