Community Involvement

As a team and individually, the Bender Commercial’s Team are very active in the Sioux Falls Community

Non-profit Board of Directors

Community Boards

Ministry for Local High School Athletes

Rob Fagnan has teamed up with Brian Hansen (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) in developing a “Big Brother Big Sister” type ministry for local high school athletes. The focus will be to develop a one-on-one monthly or weekly program that will help challenge and develop these athletes in their walk with Christ. The program’s focus will demonstrate such skills as integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence.

Minnehaha County Emergency Management – Dive Team

Doug Brockhouse, one of the principals at Bender Commercial, volunteers as one of the Team Leaders with the Minnehaha County Emergency Management Dive Team.

With more than 32 years of commercial and recreational scuba diving experience, Doug has become one of the senior members of the team. Over the years he has been involved in search and recovery of drowning victims, vehicle recovery through the ice and various forensic projects. This type of diving isn’t like pleasure diving in the Caribbean. Most of the work involves zero visibility, cold water, strong currents and high waves.

Now in his mid-50’s, Doug is trying to pass on his knowledge and experience to the younger divers on the team and is happy to step aside and let them do the work. Upmost on his mind is safety – always spending as much time as necessary to insure his dive team’s safety.

Avera Race Against Breast Cancer

Bender Commercial Real Estate Services is a proud sponsor and participant in the Avera Race Against Breast Cancer. Each year, the Avera Race brings family, friends, cancer survivors and others together toward a common goal – to enhance cancer care for the people right here in Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. 100% of all donations to the Avera Race stays local to help family, friends and neighbors get the treatment and support they need. This annual community event has succeeded in raising thousands of dollars to help breast cancer patients, survivors and their families.o insure his dive team’s safety.

Girls on the Run

Andi Anderson, an avid runner, is an active volunteer with the Girls On The Run (GOTR) programs. GOTR is a nationally recognized preventative program developed in 1996 to encourage a better sense of self-identity and healthy living in pre-teen girls. The program is designed to improve body image to prevent unhealthy behavior like alcohol and drug use, obesity and eating disorders by tackling all areas of girls development – physical, emotional and social. The lessons are taught through games, work-outs, team building activities and group discussions. At the end of each 24-week session, each girl has the opportunity to complete a 5K run.

Celebrate Church

Rob Fagnan is an active member of Celebrate Community Church. After retiring from playing football in 2005, Rob learned how to play the acoustic guitar. After about a year and a half of playing, he was asked to volunteer a couple of times a month to play in the worship band for the weekend services. Through this opportunity, Rob has developed many close relationships with people trying to make an impact and difference in the community.

10 Gallon Donor

Andi Anderson has been a generous blood donor since she was a teenager. She has donated over 10 GALLONS in her lifetime. Not only does she herself give, but she often recruits other Bender Commercial team members to donate as well, most recently Rob Fagnan and Summer Hoffman.

High Tech Trash Collecting

You may have heard of a game called geocaching – the modern-day treasure hunting game where the players search for hidden containers using a handheld GPS device. It is quite popular with more than 600,000 caches hidden around the globe with 200,000 logged visits per week. In the Sioux Falls area, there are 50+ avid geocachers that take part.

Doug Brockhouse, one of the principals at Bender Commercial, is one of those players with more than 1,400 finds. But it isn’t always a search for the hidden caches. There are several events held each year in the community called “CITO”. CITO stands for “Cache in Trash Out”. The events amount to the cachers choosing an area in which to clean up all the trash and take it out of the area. This in one of Doug’s favorite events.

It doesn’t have to be a big event to be a “CITO”. Cachers enjoys the outdoors and regularly carry trash out of areas while searching for their “treasures”. Doug is no exception – look at his car and you will almost always find a couple of handfuls of trash he picked up while on the caching trail.

Sioux Falls Up & Coming

Rob Fagnan has been an active member of Sioux Falls Up & Coming since its inception in 2005. Sioux Falls Up & Coming members have proven they are “people of action”. The organization was formed by young professionals, 35 years of age and under, who wanted to exchange the typical meeting culture for a more productive way of trading ideas. The group meets once a week to seek qualified leads for their respective businesses and to brainstorm together ways they can broaden their impact on the community, both personally and professionally. Adding community service projects has been a vital component to the group’s mission. Those projects included raising $10,000 for the Red Cross Heroes Campaign, along with Brush Up Sioux Falls, Operation Thank You, The Banquet, Festival of Trees, among other organizations.

March of Dimes “Jail & Bail”

Over the past couple of years, Bender Commercial team members, Summer Hoffman, Andi Anderson and Deb Byer have participated in the March of Dimes “Jail & Bail” fundraiser. The Jail & Bail brings together community leaders and ordinary citizens for a common cause…fighting birth defects, premature births and infant mortality. Since its inception in 1957, more than 5 million citizens have volunteered their time in the name of fun – and a good cause.